DJ Booths

Truck booth

In 2008 we were asked to supply and operate sound & lighting for a hospitality event hosted by the UK's largest Transport logistics firm -can you tell who? With a disco planned afterwards, we thought a personalized DJ booth would fit the bill. Based on a variety of materials and two wheels from a Vauxhall Corsa, we constructed a 1/3 scale Scania R420 and even sent it to the same firm who apply decals for the real thing!
Of course, anyone who knows this company knows that our truck would need a name and ideally her name should be a musical term too-she is a DJ booth after all. And with over 1000 lady trucks in the fleet already, would it available?

Eureka! "MELODY!" And it was available!                                               So here she is.


Mega Bar DJ Booth

This DJ booth is brightly illuminated through a louvered-effect front with colour change LED. What is unusual about this booth is that it only makes an appearance once a month whenever a guest DJ is booked to play and it had to be designed in a format that allowed quick and easy assembly yet must be easy to dissemble and store safely when not in use. The "flat pack" of DJ booths, it was fun to construct!

Mega Bar DJ Booth

Period DJ Booth

We also offer DJ booths from our Victorian & Edwardian Range.
No, this of course is serious! As a real request from a recent hotel refurbishment, our customer required a practical DJ booth that suited everything expected from functions and parties but it needed to be discreet when the function room was used for other more simple events. We designed and built a mobile booth on wheels that was finished in similar décor to the rest of this historic building allowing it to be stored as if it were a conventional sideboard cupboard for cutlery and the likes. The booth incorporates a Funktion 1 twin 12 mini-bass and when wheeled into one of three pre-set positions can interface with the fixed sound installation yet still put the bass on the dance floor where it's wanted. Easy for hotel staff to operate and everything automated for the DJ. A bit different and fun yet fully practical!

DJ Booth