Lighting Sales & Installation

One 2 Company can supply and install all types equipment from background music to large concert systems. We work in sectors including churches, gyms & leisure, pubs & clubs, hotels and all sizes of temporary events.

We believe in sensible advice to our customers and a neat and tidy installation. Either new-build or retro-fit, careful design & layout is paramount to the eventual performance of any sound system.

We offer a competitive edge toward pe rmanent installation of any sysem through our experience in live audio- anyone who's ever tried to mix a band in poor acoustic environments or attempted to make a vocal sound natural & realistic soon learns that speaker placement and equipment selection is everything.

So even if its a simple music playback system for a small venue, you can be sure we have given careful consideration to all factors- it's in our nature!

Our service however is only as good as the service & standards given to us by our suppliers. We are proud to be involved & represent the following manufacturers amongst other great names.

Sound Sales